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June 2012
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Pro-Life Online News for October 1
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The latest edition of the PA Pro-Life Online News is up and ready for viewing at .  There, you’ll find out what state lawmakers are doing to stop the atrocities at abortion facilities around the state…along with a report on Planned Parenthood being investigated by Congress.  

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Gosnell Staff to Stand Trial with Him
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The staff of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion facility will be standing trial with him.  Gosnell is charged with the murders of seven newborn babies and one female patient in what has been described as an abortion house of horrors.  You can read about the latest developments in the Gosnell case, along with Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo’s comments, at .  

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Planned Parenthood Subject of Congressional Probe
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A Congressional subcommittee will investigate allegations of financial improprieties and cover-up of criminal activities at Planned Parenthood centers.  The investigation is long overdue, given questions about how Planned Parenthood spends federal money.  You can learn more about the Congressional probe at

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Lawmakers Call for Action in Light of Abortion Center Atrocities
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A group of Pennsylvania lawmakers has called for legislative action to stop taxpayer funding of abortions and ensure that abortion facilities play by the same rules as outpatient medical centers.

The legislators want final passage of SB 3, which would allow Pennsylvania to opt out of abortion funding under so-called health care reform.  The lawmakers are also urging final action on Senate Bill 732, which would mean that abortion centers would have to abide by the safety standards of ambulatory surgical facilities.

“We are now calling on our respective caucus leaders and the Governor’s office to help propel these bills through the final hurdles of the legislative process and  have them signed into law, so we can ensure women in Pennsylvania receive quality care in a sanitary environment and put a stop to federally subsidized abortions,” said state Rep. Jerry Stern (R-Blair).

“For the sake of women’s health and safety, we commend legislators who are taking a stand against unsafe practices at abortion facilities,” added Michael Ciccocioppo, executive director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

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Planned Parenthood Makes Big Money from Abortions
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An analysis by the group known as Live Action shows that Planned Parenthood is making big bucks from abortion.  The study indicates that more than one-third of Planned Parenthood’s clinic income is derived from performing abortions.  This shows that Planned Parenthood has a definite financial stake in boosting the abortion rate.  For more information, please visit .

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Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose Abortion
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A new CNN poll confirms what pro-lifers have been saying all along–most Americans oppose most abortions.  The CNN survey found that 62 percent of those polled want all or most abortions to be made illegal.  This mirrors the results of previous polls, showing that the American public is firmly opposed to abortion.  For more on the poll, please visit .

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You’re Invited to a Spectacular Pro-Life Event!
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Our Executive Director, Michael Ciccocioppo, is personally inviting you to attend the 2011 Celebrate Life Banquet October 12 in Mars, PA near Pittsburgh.  Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum will deliver the inspiring keynote address.  To view the invitation, go to  .  We hope to see you October 12!

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Online News for Sept. 1, 2011
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Our premiere electronic newsletter, the PA Pro-Life Online News, is up and ready for viewing at–Fewer-Doctors-Willing-to-Do-Abortions.html?soid=1102375385223&aid=jz5-MjsYFko .  There, you’ll find information on fewer doctors willing to do abortions…most voters saying abortion is wrong…and your invitation to the pro-life event of the year!  

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Majority Want Obama’s Health Care Plan Repealed
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A new national poll shows that the vast majority of Americans want President Obama’s health care plan repealed.  The plan includes public funding of abortion and rationing of life-saving medical treatment for seniors.  You can learn more about the poll at   .

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Make your fall plans now!
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Make your fall plans now! Come to the Celebrate Life Banquet Oct. 12 in Mars, PA near Pittsburgh. You will not want to miss Rick Santorum’s captivating speech. To register, go to .

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Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Life?
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Curious about how the various Presidential candidates view the right to life?  Then check out the new fact sheet which explains where the candidates stand on the life issues.  You can find the informative piece at .

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Online News for July 15, 2011
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You can view the latest edition of the PA Pro-Life Online News at .  This issue contains important information about a new abortion center scandal in PA, along with shocking news about Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion operation.

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Allentown Abortion Center Cited for Violations
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State inspectors have cited an Allentown abortion facility for safety violations, including using unsterilized instruments and splattering blood on the walls.  The news is just the latest example of the unsafe practices reported at Pennsylvania abortion centers.  You’ll find more on the story at,0,5629414,full.story .

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Powerful Pro-Life Testimony from Former Planned Parenthood Director
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You can now watch a powerful video in which former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson explains what led her to the pro-life movement.  This is a video you’ll want to share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.  You can view it at .

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Online News for July 1, 2011
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The latest edition of our PA Pro-Life Online News e-mail newsletter is available for viewing at–Wade.html?soid=1102375385223&aid=jKPx-gk7dvM .

There, you’ll find out some shocking news about Roe v. Wade…why you should attend the Celebrate Life Banquet…and learn news about chapter events throughout the Commonwealth.  Happy reading!

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Call Your State Representative to Support SB 732
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Call your state representative and urge a “yes” vote on SB 732, the abortion facilities bill.  You’ll find complete details at–Call-Your-State-Representative-to-Support-SB-732.html?soid=1102375385223&aid=hiKWNSLBxG8 .  Please note:  The number to reach the Capitol switchboard has changed.  The new number is .

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Register Today for the Pro-Life Event of the Year!
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Be sure to register today for the pro-life event of the year–the Celebrate Life Banquet, featuring former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.  We are honored to have Santorum as our keynote speaker, and he will amaze you with his incredible pro-life testimony.  The banquet takes place October 12th in Mars, PA, near Pittsburgh.  In addition to registering for the banquet, please consider having your church, chapter, or business sponsor the event.  To reserve your seat and for sponsorship opportunities, please visit  .  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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PA Senate Moves to Safeguard Women
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The Pennsylvania Senate, in a move to protect women’s health, passed legislation that would raise safety standards at abortion facilities in the Commonwealth.

The passage of Senate Bill 732 with Senator Bob Mensch’s amendment is a response to the atrocities which took place at abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society.  Gosnell and his unlicensed staff are charged with the murders of seven newborn babies and one female patient, but the grand jury believes that Gosnell was actually responsible for the deaths of hundreds of babies, while harming untold numbers of women.  

“It  is time for abortion centers to play by the same rules that govern ambulatory surgical centers,” said Maria Vitale, Education Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.  “For far too long, abortion facilities have been operating in the dark.  For the sake of women’s health and safety, it’s time for abortion centers to be held accountable.

“Nail salons in Pennsylvania have had greater scrutiny than abortion facilities.  The women of Pennsylvania deserve better, and enhanced oversight of abortion centers is long overdue.”  

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PA Senate Sends a Strong Message Against Public Funding of Abortion
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The Pennsylvania Senate has a message for the Obama Administration:  The Keystone State wants to opt out of abortion funding under President Obama’s health care law.

The PA Senate on Tuesday by a 37-12 vote passed Senate Bill 3, a common sense piece of legislation which would ensure that Pennsylvania is not forced into the abortion business as a result of so-called health care reform.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, applauded the passage of Senate Bill 3.

“Congress said states have the right to opt out of abortion coverage and we want to ensure that for the state of Pennsylvania.  This continues Pennsylvania’s long-standing policy of not using government resources for abortion,” said Charlene Bashore, legislative director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

A Quinnipiac University poll found that 67 percent of the Americans surveyed opposed funding abortion with federal funds under the health care law.

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Call Your State Senator About Two Important Votes!
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This is an urgent legislative alert from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Please call your State Senator with the following two-point message:
1.  Ask the State Senator to vote for Senate Bill 3, which would allow PA to opt out of abortion coverage in the insurance exchanges required under the federal health care plan.

2.  Ask the State Senator to support the Mensch Amendment to Senate Bill 732.

The Mensch Amendment is almost identical to HB 574 which passed the House by a 2:1 margin last week and would require abortion facilities to abide by the same standards as other ambulatory surgical facilities. 

If you do not know who your State Senator is, please call the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation at and we will be happy to assist you.  Or you can e-mail us at contact.

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